Code of Conduct for Somerset Rallies

1. Rallies unless otherwise stated commence at 4pm on a Friday and run consecutively until a designated time on Sunday. Any members wishing to stay longer must consult the rally officers concerned prior to the time of the rally finishing.

2. All members MUST send in rally application slips, together with the appropriate non refundable deposit. If after submitting the slip they cannot attend, they must inform the rally officer immediately and pay for any commitments. Post dated cheques are not accepted. If for any reason a rally is cancelled or alternative arrangements are made, only members that have submitted slips will be advised. Rally plaques issued to members attending the rally with their caravan or motor home, providing the appropriate application to attend has been received by the rally officer by first post on Monday proceeding the rally.

  1. Please carry your caravan club membership card with you at all rallies, you may be asked to produce them?

4.Somerset centre direction signs (coloured orange or yellow) will be displayed to approaches to rally sites.

  1. Our centre does not wish to impose special rules, but all members are expected to strictly observe the Caravan, country and costal codes and the following:
a. ball games, cycling, skate boarding, kite flying, radio controlled models, and activities likely to degrade the comfort and convenience of other members or cause damage to persons and/or property in or near caravan lines are not permitted. Play areas will be provided where possible.
b. members not light barbecues in awnings or to near to caravans, this is a fire hazard.
c. Dogs and any other animals must be kept under control, on a lead not exceeding 10ft at any time.
d. Unbecoming conduct by members their children and friends, when reported, and after investigation by centre committee, may result in offending persons being denied any further rally facilities.
e. Musical instruments radios etc, must be used with discretion and must not inconvenience other people.
f. All vehicles are to be restricted to 5mph on the rally field and learner drivers are not allowed. No driving or riding between vans only along the line.
g. Generators will only be allowed between the hours of 10am and 4pm. This also applies to any similar equipment used for the same purpose.
h. Silent hours are between 11.00pm and 07.30am Will all members wishing to leave the site during silent hours park their vehicles away from the lines.
i. It is suggested that members place a fire bucket by their draw bar.
6. Your own sanitation will be required at all centre rallies and chemical disposal facilities will be provided. Toilets or parts thereof, must not be taken within 10ft of fresh drinking water taps.
7. Motor homes are permitted providing the motor home is professionally constructed or of proper make, and the member is able and willing to comply with all centre requirements, but the rally officer cannot be expected to reserve a level site.
  1. Pup tents are permitted on Somerset rallies, subject to the following conditions:
  2. Only 1 tent per unit (2 persons)
b. Its is pitched in an area normally reserved for the caravan awing.
c. It is clearly marked with reflective tape or within a windbreak.
d. Parents are solely responsible for the safety and behaviour whilst tents are being used.

Where possible, Caravans with pup tents will be pitched next to or near a hedge line or perimeter fence for added safety.

To avoid unnecessary and undesirable implications to insurance liabilities, rallies must observe the above rules, and drivers on the rally fields must exercise the utmost due care and attention. As a consequence, the act of driving through the lines is not just a matter of good manners. The liability is with the driver and not the rally officers or The Caravan.

9. The siting of Caravans and towing vehicles will be directed by the Rally Officers.
10. All fess quoted are subject to change without notification.
11.Gazebos: The erection and use of gazebos is permitted, but done at the owners risk. Any damage caused by the gazebos is the responsibility of the owners.
12. With the exception of special occasions (eg Christmas new year) and where necessary permission is sought by the committee all social functions shall be terminated by 11pm when conducted on the rally field and 11.45pm when using commercial premises.

Responsibilities of a Rally officer

The rally officer is in charge and the responsibility for the rally rests wholly with that member. They are appointed to organise a rally as they think fit, and in accordance with The Caravan clubs policy for rallies and its bye laws. Rally officers are requested to seek advice of the Senior centre official attending the rally should the need arise.
Code of Conduct
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