How do I book a rally?

If you are a centre member then look through your rally book which are readily available from any member of the Committee and choose a rally that will interest you and your family, complete a rally slip and send it to the rally officer named on that specific rally with the appropriate cost…….it’s as easy as that!

If you have any queries or not sure about something, then simply call the rally officer on the number given and have a chat with them. Please do not call after 9pm in the evenings.

There are blank rally forms and special booking forms on this web site where you can simply download and print them off. Just fill them out with all the information required and send them to the address given at the bottom of the rally sheet.

It is necessary to book at least 14 days in advance so that the rally officer can make arrangements appropriate to the number of units (Caravans and Motor Homes) expected on the rally. Please do not expect any conformation of your booking unless you enclose a SAE. Generally you will only hear from the rally officer if there is a problem. If you are interested in a rally and cannot find any details of the rally officer or where to send the rally slip then use the contact page and email the rally sec.

What can I expect when I get there?

When you plan your route to the rally be careful of sat navs and post codes as if you are not sure where you are going, often you may get caught out. Somerset Rallies are sometimes held at venues that are in fields or at schools and are often not good roads for large caravans or even motor homes. Use the Google maps link on the web site to plan your route, this may just help.
On approach to the rally follow rally signs that will be put up by the rally officers to assist you in finding the rally. These are normally orange in colour and are normally erected on lamp posts and road signs as temporary signs. These are a number plate size and will be visible with the words “SOM” written on them in black lettering.

Some sites may not have electric or toilet facilities but however we do provide fresh water and chemical waste disposal.
As you enter the site you will see a sign outside a Caravan/Motor home saying Rally officer. This will usually be the first van you come across. Please wait there to be greeted by the rally officer who will in turn show you to your pitch and explain all the information you will require. Normally your pitch will be marked by a peg which you will draw the offside front corner of your caravan or motor home up to. Then the normal practice is to park your car on the offside of your caravan, which will allow everyone including emergency vehicles to have easy access to all caravans. You will be advised where to find fresh drinking water and the elsen point(both will be signed) Please do not use drinking water for the cleaning of toilets. Waste water should be disposed of in hedgerows around the field unless otherwise stated by the rally officers. Dry rubbish is normally taken home for weekend rallies or the rally officer may have made other arrangements. Once you have arrived and legs down pop back over to the Rally officers van where they will give you your rally pack containing all the information you require, with competitions, a rally plaque, raffle tickets and social tickets for the rally. Please feel free to ask any questions you have as the rally officers are there to help and assist you.

As soon is possible the chairman or his/her deputy will call on you and welcome you to our centre and your first rally. He/She will explain about flag which normally takes place at the end of the rally, and where we have a coffee or tea together introduce our first ralliers and visitors, thank the rally officers, give our results of any quiz’s or competitions and give out details of future rallies.
How do I book a rally
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